Friday, 15 February 2019

Questions To Ask When Calling HP Support Phone Number?

There is time comes in our lives when we find ourselves middle of nowhere and not knowing what to ask from your HP customer service is one of them. You don’t know what to ask next or how to ask? Of course, there are some situations like your HP printer is not starting out, printing, or failing to read the given instructions but apart from all this, do you know what else you can ask when calling HP support phone number? Well, we are all about to explain this in the below post.

HP Technical support number +1-888-550-8285

Learn about the HP care pack service
HP care pack is the service plan you can choose to increase to the duration of your warranty, in total add extra layer of protection to your HP product. Generally, all of the HP printers come with the one-year warranty which can be further expanded through care pack service. In addition, you will receive the extended level of coverage and support for your HP hardware.

HP Technical support number +1-888-550-8285

How long does the coverage actually last?
How long does the coverage last? It relies on what type of care pack you have opted. for your HP printer.

Care packs for Home printers
The care pack you will purchase for your home printer will start right after the day of HP hardware. For instance: if you have purchased your HP printer on March 1, 2017, and care pack on May 1. 2017 then the coverage will begin from March 1, 2017, and end on May 1, 2019.

HP Technical support number +1-888-550-8285

Care packs for commercial printers
The care pack purchased for the commercial printer will begin on the start date of the hardware coverage warranty and end after the competition of the specified number of purchased years or service with page limits. It will terminate upon earlier of:
•    reaching the specified page limits.
•    Completion of the specified purchased years.

You can collect more information on various care packs for your printers through HP printer technical help number.

HP Technical support number +1-888-550-8285

When can you purchase the care package for your HP printer?

For home printer
You can purchase the care pack within the first year of your HP printer’s service life and post-warranty plans within 90 days before to 30 days after your base warranty expires. In order to be eligible to make the purchase, your HP printer should be within the reasonable opinion, service life and in an operating condition.

For commercial printer
·       You can purchase the care pack within the 90 days of your HP printer purchase.
·       You can purchase within 90 days before or 30 days after the base warranty expires.

Now, the next time you call HP customer service, you have a lot more things to ask. 

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